Our Vision

To inspire and empower women in our community to embody confidence, increase physical strength and improve their overall health, by making it part of their everyday lifestyle. 

Our Mission

To educate and support women in our community, achieve their ideal body composition goals through our weight loss workout plan, strength training programs, healthy eating plans and personalised 1on1 coaching.

Our Values

 Fun Positive Energy  Empowering Family Community   Strong Independent Accountability  Building Physical Strength Education Health Habits

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28 Day Challenge – Fast-track Your Results!

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What’s expected of you?

  • Show up to a minimum of 3 Sessions per week
  • Follow a personalised Meal plan created for your needs
  • Attend your 30min Initial 1on1 session to prepare and plan
  • Communicate and work closely with your coach

That’s how simple it is to see Results. Yes, an effort to stay consistent is a must, but you and your coach will work together on your Goals to keep you accountable. It is a CHALLENGE, and if you follow through and stay consistent, we can Guarantee real Body transformation Results in JUST 28 DAYS!

What are you waiting for? Join our fun workout plan for women!

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 Ive been a member of Louis’ for 7.5 years and during that time he and his supportive team have helped me meet my initial goal, maintain that goal and then work on, achieve and maintain new ones. Not mention the friendships I have built, the countless times they’ve listened and offered genuine advice with massive life changes and the constant love and care they show to my two young daughters. If you are looking for a family, not just a gym, New Vision is it ☺️

Angela W

I highly recommend Louis, Sarah and Louise. I was always tired and felt like I was eating a healthy diet until I met Louis. I soon realised I was fueling my body wrong and needed to eat more to lose the extra kilos that I have been carrying around for the last 6 years. I’m not a gym person at all. Just having the extra support and showing me how to correctly do the exercises has given me more confidence and a new love of the gym environment. I also have more energy for my kids, work and life. I can’t thank you all enough and happy I took the step to join your gym. All the extra advice you give really helps to keep me wanting to succeed in life.


Mel J

I have been at New Vision Women’s Fitness for just over 10 years and I absolutely love this gym!! Catered for women in a positive comfortable environment. Louis and his team are supportive and professional!

Michelle S

Video Testimonials

Kiara & Claudia