Our coaching services consist of commitment, effort, and time from both coach and client. We are together on this journey, and as you, the client is invested in this process to see incredible results we the coaches are also invested equally in working alongside you to support and guide you on the right path to see success!

We follow 4 main steps to see incredible results over your coaching journey.

Below is our New Vision Method.



Being crystal clear in what you want and why you desire this change, by personally adjusting behaviours, and habits, and setting tasks that value your journey and the discovery of the true best version of yourself.

If you don’t know what you want and have strong positive reasons why you must achieve this, then where are we going?

A goal is to help you grow and we must remember people don’t get what they want, their results reflect who you are! It’s time to become the best version of yourself in health and fitness, you are one decision away.



Consistently being supported and educated through mind, movement, and nutrition to achieve your goals now and in the long term.

Learning starts with the right education and support, improving your knowledge in this space to help you successfully achieve your health and fitness goals. You just need to listen, ask questions, and just show up. Our coaches are by your side every step of the way, and if there are questions and queries throughout your journey to learn and grow we are here to show you the way!   



Discovering a greater version of yourself through consistent effort, by developing better habits to fit your lifestyle to create a sustainable long lasting transformation.

Repetition is key, showing up and doing the work, day in and day out is what will show results in the end. Not everything will work but if you’re consistent with your coach, this will be the difference between if you win or lose. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re losing, but you’ve only lost the battle when you quit, so we will work together until we make it happen! Will make updates, and adjustments and keep you accountable to make it through, but remember we also need your help. You’ll need to push through when times are tough and challenging, being consistent will show your real character and persistence to follow through.  



Becoming an inspirational role model to those in our community, creating a new generational movement for a much greater and more meaningful purpose.

Remember why you’re doing this, I’m sure this is for you but just imagine others you are inspiring through your actions! Others in the gym, your family, Kids, close friends. By following through just imagine who else you are fighting for and who will help to live a longer healthier life! Don’t QUIT!


Embodying an unstoppable, resilient mindset is what most women are lacking to stay consistent and follow through on the goals they have set.

We tend to be addicted to the person that we are, which makes it super hard to overcome the internal battles and challenges we face. This can lead a person to a lifetime of misery and pain for never really following through on their goals and desires.

Therefore, knowing what we want and understanding what we must change is the first step to overcoming this pattern. Just think for a moment, what does the healthier, stronger, version of you, do every day? And what is she doing that devalues the health goals you have? Can you start to see what needs to change?

Remember any goal achieved will only be temporary until it becomes who you are, then and only then will it become permanent.

Motivation can help, like joining a gym, but what drives women to take real effective action, is understanding why they must do this! Having strong, internal, motivational reasons to keep pushing you, will allow you to complete challenging tasks even when times are hard, this is a tough woman to stop!

In conclusion, to see long lasting change, you must make a committed decision to your goal, your reasons, and the promise you made to follow through! No half-hearted decisions, it’s all in or nothing, you decide!