New Vision Women’s Fitness all started with a Mission to educate and support women in our community, and achieve their ideal body composition goals through our strength training programs, customised nutrition plans, and personalised 1on1 coaching.

We have created a safe, fun and comfortable environment that’s uplifting and encouraging to bring the best out in everyone. 

 Ive been a member of Louis’ for 7.5 years and during that time he and his supportive team have helped me meet my initial goal, maintain that goal and then work on, achieve and maintain new ones. Not mention the friendships I have built, the countless times they’ve listened and offered genuine advice with massive life changes and the constant love and care they show to my two young daughters. If you are looking for a family, not just a gym, New Vision is it ☺️

Angela W

New Vision Women’s Fitness is fantastic! I’ve tried out few gyms/fitness programs in my time as I tend to get bored and move on. I’ve been with these guys for almost 3 years now and still enjoy showing up & smashing out a class whether it be cardio or weights. The trainers are amazing and they offer tons of support, technique and encouragement on your fitness journey. The music is blaring and the atmosphere and members are awesome. The workouts are tough and always different but rewarding and produce amazing results if you commit to it!! It’s a life changing gym experience and I highly recommend it!!

Loretta Formato

This place is more than just a gym, it’s another place I call family. The coaches are amazing and they actually care about you and your goals.

Melissa Babich

The first gym I have ever actually enjoyed! The trainers check in with you and keep you motivated and on track. All the ladies are so friendly, definitely a great environment to be in.

Courtney Truslove

A great atmosphere for women of all age’s and fitness. Louis, Sarah and Louise are fantastic coaches.

Vanessa M

I have been at New Vision Women’s Fitness for just over 10 years and I absolutely love this gym!! Catered for women in a positive comfortable environment. Louis and his team are supportive and professional!

Michelle S

Amazing environment. always available to help and guide you and keep you on course. love going to the gym – never been a gym person. found my niche.

Claire Farinola

I’m new to New Vision I started off with the 8 week challenge (with my ongoing shoulder injury and all). My coach, Nakita worked around my injury and adjusted the workouts for me. I lost 8.2kgs in 8 weeks.
Best part is I can bring along my 4.5mth old (for free) and do my workout with bubs next to me.

Kylee Pell

Great workouts
Great support
Great understanding
Not had a experience like it before and have been to many places.

Janet Dawson

Amazing gym and staff are fabulous. Wonderful environment for women who want to better themselves physically and mentally to be able to get strong in a safe environment with nurturing staff

Leanne R

Louis is so motivational and inspiring. He gives you the push you need to make changes. Nakita, Georgia and Louise are amazing coaches and trainers, they make classes so much fun and you always feel comfortable, in a supportive environment. Loved my time at New Vision Women’s Fitness during the 8 week challenge recipes are amazing too highly recommend.

Rebecca Donhardt

I highly recommend Louis, Sarah and Louise. I was always tired and felt like I was eating a healthy diet until I met Louis. I soon realised I was fueling my body wrong and needed to eat more to lose the extra kilos that I have been carrying around for the last 6 years. I’m not a gym person at all. Just having the extra support and showing me how to correctly do the exercises has given me more confidence and a new love of the gym environment. I also have more energy for my kids, work and life. I can’t thank you all enough and happy I took the step to join your gym. All the extra advice you give really helps to keep me wanting to succeed in life.


Mel J

8 Week Challenge Testimonials

Dropped 7.1kilos and over 15cm around Waist and Hips!
Went from fasting to eating more and the weight just fell off!

Suzanne. M

Dropped 5.7kilos and over 16cm around Waist and Hips!
Improved Breathing and strength overall as she is battling Emphysema!

Maria. T

Dropped 4.8kilos and over 12cm around waist and hips!
Found giving back to herself through health her stress levels dropped massively and hubby noticed!

Amy. T

Dropped 5.4kilos and over 12cm around waist and hips!
Found a sustainable eating routine that she enjoyed.

Adele. H

Dropped 3.8kilos and over 10cm around Waist and Hips!
Overcome a hip injury that kept her up during the night!

Melissa. P

Dropped 5.1kilos and over 12cm around waist and hips!
Loves being part of the family, having a strong community keeps her motivated and driven!

Hajne. T

Client Journey Results and Experience Videos

Kiara & Claudia



Jodie & Jen